Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: <strong><em>Seeking Knowledge is compulsory on every Muslim</em></strong>. <img class="size-thumbnail wp-image-1189 alignright" src="" alt="" width="150" height="150" />So by this we come to know that seeking knowledge is must for every Muslim. We also come to know that it’s compulsory on every Muslim to teach their child necessary and basic knowledge about Islam. In this current age many syllabus of different methodology is in the market and every syllabus present in the market can’t be best. Islamic syllabus can be beneficial for children if it is based on following criteria: a) Syllabus should not contradict the book of Allah and the Sunnah along with understanding of pious predecessor, b) Syllabus or studies must have the aim of teaching and educating child, c) Syllabus must be easy that the children should not feel as burden on them, d) syllabus must have the description on minor topics before discussing on major topics, e) Syllabus must increase step by step which includes the terminologies of Religion and worldly matters. By keeping in mind and by following the above criteria, Daee Faheem Iqbal has compiled the following <em>‘Islamic Studies Series books’</em> which is beneficial for our children. InshaAllahShaykh Dr. Saeed Ahmed Umri Madani Head of Jamiath, Andhara Pradesh, Founder-Markaz Darul Birr, Pedana
<img class="wp-image-1196 size-full alignright" src="" alt="" width="300" height="175" />I have seen my close friend’s book ‘Islamic studies series’ for which I did proofreading also, MashaAllah. Great efforts have been put in compiling this series and it fully deserves the best wishes. Verily this series of books will be a source of Islamic knowledge for the new generation. I pray to Allah SWT to accept this book and make it beneficial for the generations of this Ummah. AameenShaykh Dr. UsmanPrincipal, Jamiatul Muflihaat
<img class="wp-image-1197 size-full alignright" src="" alt="" width="175" height="175" />I applaud the publication of your wonderful book on rearing children. You have done excellent hard work framing an order to refine, that should raise lots of eyebrows “Book without pulse is like a person without a spirit” .Confront, set free to exchange mental blocks into building blocks. The act of writing turns out to be its own reward”. Your books have intense flame will last longer.   Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.Mrs. AzraPrincipal DPS, Delhi Public School Kids
<img class="wp-image-1199 size-full alignright" src="" alt="" width="220" height="220" />The main of the book is to prepare and make the upcoming generation a practical Muslim so that they benefit. These books would promote Islamic spirit and accordingly build up the mind of the youth. The Author felt concerned about education of Muslim children and put forth a great deal of individual efforts in this direction. May the efforts and recognized and may prove fruitful. May Allah accept it and reward him here and hereafter. AamenMrs. Asiya ShariefPrincipal HIIS, Hidayah Islamic International school
<img class="wp-image-1201 size-full alignright" src="" alt="" width="175" height="175" />This book enables children to get a strong foundation of Islam. It also simplifies things for teachers to give ample of activities and make students memorised well. Pleasant themes and designing of the Islamic study book is very attractive. This book will be character building for many, InshaAllah.Humera BegumPrincipal FIS, Falah International School
<em><img class="wp-image-1198 size-full alignright" src="" alt="" width="318" height="320" />“Ma Sha Allah the  book is very illustrative and easily captures a child’s attention. The fonts are big enough for easy reading and the Islamic information is extremely beneficial for the toddler age group.</em> <em>JazakAllahu Khairan for this excellent piece of work. May Allah ta’ala be pleased with you and your good work becomes a source of Sawab e Jaariya for you, Aameen”</em>Muhammad Adil Ahmed KhanAsst. General Manager, Hinduja Global Solutions